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What is the minimum cost to start a website in 2023?


Website costs vary on the level of detail and features you want on your website design. The minimum cost to start a website is around €550 for a one page website with basic detail. However there are a number of factors to consider when trying to calculate how much a website will cost you. For instance is the website custom built or is it being built from a template. What level of detail do you want in your website for instance do you need custom pop ups for CRM, or do you want moving components such as sliding banners and animations. Finally how good do you want your website to look? Like anything you will pay more for a website designed by a good designer.

Let me phrase it this way – would you hire someone to paint your kitchen if they were going to charge €200 to paint the room but you knew they were going to get paint all over your floors, counter tops and appliances.. or would you rather pay €500 to have someone paint your kitchen who you knew was going to provide you with an excellent level of service, never got a drop of paint out of place and didn’t water down the paint! 

Let’s go into more detail on what the minimun costs you can expect to pay. 

One page website – minimum cost to start

The minimum cost to start a one page website is typically around €550. This includes the cost of domain registration, web hosting, and development costs. This price would be normal for a basic one page website. 

One page website are not recommended but can be made if you are on a tight budget. The reason one page websites are not recommended is because it is going to be unlikely that you will rank within search engines with just one page. Google search engines work off content and if your content is limited to just one page it is very unlikely you will drive organic traffic from search engines to your website. This would mean that it will be highly unlikely you would be able to compete with your competitors. 

You will likely only be found if people come to your website directly through a URL you have alreayd shared with them. 

Five page website cost – minimum cost to start

The cost of a five-page website can vary depending on the complexity of the design and functionality required. However, a basic five-page website can start as low as €850, this price includes domain registration and basic SEO. You will need to then factor in costs such as whether you want your website hosted by the website designer, will the website be designed using a template or will it be custom designed and will your website include additional features that may require extra coding. 

Five page websites are a great option if you are a small to medium sized business. They will provide you with enough pages so you are more likely to be found within search engines organically. They provide your customers / clients with lots of detail about your business and normally include pages such as homepage, about you page, contact page, services page and a portfolio / gallery page. 

Ten page website cost – minimum cost to start

Ten page websites have a minimum cost of around €1500 including a domain name and basic SEO. These types of websites take a lot of work and there is a high level of detail, revisions and content that needs to be done in order to get this website right. So you can expect to pay more for these types of websites to be set up. Similarly, you can expect to pay more if you require animations, videos, moving components, pop ups etc 

Ten page websites are perfect for businesses who have a lot of content to share with their clients. Ten page websites can also have pages which are set up for eCommerce. They may also have a custom made blog so that the owner can create and write blog posts for their business. 

Ten page websites are normally set up for medium to large scale businesses who are serious about growing their online presence.  

eCommerce website cost – minimum cost to start

eCommerce websites start at a minimum cost of around €2000. eCommerce websites are very specific and if you are hiring someone to build you an eCommerce website then make sure they have the skills and knowledge necessary so that you get a high converting website. It is important to have all of your call to actions in the right place and there is a specfic way to set up eCommerce websites so that they are easy to navigate for your customers. To go back to the paint anology – if you are going to hire someone to create an eCommerce website make sure they are good at their job. 

eCommerce websites are perfect for businesses who want to sell their products online. The eCommerce market is huge right now and if you are thinking about selling products online then 2023 is the year to do it! eCommerce website have pages such as a homepage, about page, contact page, privacy policy, T&Cs page, customer services page and then collection and products pages. They also should have a series of menus so that customers can navigate their way around the site with ease. 

Things to consider when calculating the cost for your website

Here are some things to think of when creating a budget for your website. 

  1. How many pages will your website have?
  2. Do you need a custom domain name?
  3. What type of hosting do you need?
  4. What features do you need on your website?
  5. Would you like your website to be custom made or do you want to use a template?
  6. Do you want to sell products from your website?
  7. Do you need a blog?
  8. Do you need any creative or custom features which are not standard to a normal website?
  9. Will you need certain aspects of your website to have custom coding which is specific to your business?
  10. Do you need your website done quickly? (Sometimes webiste designer can charge a premium fee if you want it done super fast)


I hope the above have given you some idea of the minimum cost to start a website in 2023. As you can see price varies depending on the level of work you would need done. It is important to note that no two websites are the same. Each website requires a different level of work from the next so it is important to get in contact with a website designer and discuss your project in detail so they can give you a accurate quote. 


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