Shopify In Ireland: How Much Does It Cost & Is It Worth It?

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform for small businesses, but does it work in Ireland? In this article, we take a comprehensive look at how Shopify works in Ireland and examine the costs associated with using it. We also explore if it’s worth the investment for Irish businesses. Read on to find out more!

Introduction to Shopify and How It Works

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform in Ireland and it enables businesses of all sizes to create and manage their online stores. Shopify is easy to use and can help you track you inventory and connects to business management tools and social media accounts with ease.

Shopify has everything you need to start selling online. It includes a customisable platform, an easy-to-use checkout process, secure hosting, and more. You can also choose from over 100 professional themes to create the perfect look for your store. Plus, Shopify is always adding new features and applications to help you grow your business.

To get started with Shopify, all you need is a credit card and an internet connection. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts. You can start using Shopify for free with their 14-day trial. After that, plans start at just €24 per month.

What Does Shopify Cost in Ireland?

If you’re considering using Shopify in Ireland to build your ecommerce website, you might be wondering how much it will cost. The short answer is that Shopify starts at €24 per month, but the final amount you’ll need to pay will depend on the features and customisation options you need for your store. For instance you may decide to pay €300 for one of their premium themes and then decide you would like to add some apps from their store to help you optimise your business. Apps on the Shopify store can cost anywhere between €0 – €200 a month depending on what plan you sign up for and what they can offer your business.

Here’s a closer look at Shopify’s pricing plans and what they include:

Basic Shopify: Starts at €24 per month. This plan is best for small businesses just starting out with ecommerce. It includes features like a customisable online store, unlimited products, and automatic fraud analysis. This plan allows two people to manager the store.

Shopify: Starts at €69 per month. This plan is best for businesses with medium to high traffic levels. It includes features like advanced report builders, gift cards, and abandoned cart recovery. You can also have up to 5 staff accounts

Advanced Shopify: Starts at €289 per month. This plan is best for large businesses with high traffic levels. It includes features like real-time carrier shipping quotes, advanced report builders, and third-party calculated shipping rates. This plan allows you to have 15 staff accounts.

Is Shopify Worth It in Ireland?

Shopify is definitely worth it in Ireland! The platform is extremely user-friendly, and the support staff is incredibly responsive and helpful. It is my go to platform when building any eCommerce websites for my clients because it is safe, easy to use, has a clean and responsive dashboard and allows you to track everything that is going on on your website.

Benefits of Using Shopify in Ireland

If you’re looking to set up an online shop, then Shopify is definitely worth considering. It’s one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of using Shopify:

  1. Ease of use: One of the main reasons why Shopify is so popular is because it’s extremely easy to use. Even if you’ve never set up an online store before, you’ll be able to get your shop up and running in no time at all.
  2. Excellent support: Shopify offers excellent customer support, both through its extensive knowledge base and its 24/7 live chat service. If you ever run into any problems, help is always on hand.
  3. Lots of features: Shopify comes packed with tons of features and options, so you can really tailor your shop to suit your needs. Whether you want to add a blog, integrate with social media, or offer customers discounts, it’s all possible with Shopify.
  4. Flexible plans: There are four different Shopify plans available, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs. And if you need more features down the line, upgrading is quick and easy.
  5. Scalability: As your business grows, Shopify will grow with you. It’s a scalable platform that can handle increased traffic and sales without any problems whatsoever.

Building a website on Shopify

Building a website in Shopify is pretty straight forward with one of their free plans. It may be a bit of a learning curve at the start but you will be able to get yourself up and running with a store within a few days.

However the more premium themes have more substance to them. They have more options which require a basic knowledge of html. The more complex themes have integrations such as pop up newsletters, countdown timers, video implementations, shapable instagram feeds etc. These features can complicate the way your Shopify store is built. However once implemented it means you have an extremely professional looking website. The premium themes are premium for a reason and will have your store looking like any luxury brand website.

If you decide to go for a premium theme and you are not familiar with how Shopify works or basic html then I recommend getting in contact with a website designer who can help you develop your website to a high standard.

What is the difference between free themes and premium themes on Shopify?

Free Shopify themes:

These are basic easy to use themes but with limited options. You will be able to do the basics that are necessary for getting your store up and running like adding collection options and product options to your homepage, adding in static banners with CTA buttons and connecting your instagram account. They will also allow you to create basic menu options for your website.

Premium Shopify themes:

Premium themes are themes you need to pay for either in the Shopify theme store or in places like theme forest or envato market. Premium themes range in price and are usually priced in USA dollars. You can expect to pay between $29-$390 for a premium theme.

Premium themes come with a lot more options then free themes. They have more options for you to add different call to actions on your homepage, make custom pages for your about page, contact pages etc, include options for Google maps, create pop up newsletters and implement countdown timers and more..

Premium themes are perfect for serious business owners wanting to expand their business and grow a brand online.

If you are not an accomplished website designer and do not have the basic knowledge of html then it is recommended to hire a website designer who specialises in eCommerce to build these types of Shopify stores for you.


Shopify in Ireland is a great way to get your business up and running quickly. With the help of Shopify, you can create an online store that looks professional and functions smoothly. It is also very affordable, with plans starting as low as €24 per month. Whether you are looking for an easy way to start selling products or services online or if you are already established but want to expand your reach, Shopify offers a range of features that make it worth considering.


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